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Organizer Instructions

1.  Select the people you want to call through either Advanced Search or Search Builder. See the Search article.

2. Assign the selected people to a Phone Call Activity. See the Activity article. During this process, you can assign people to different volunteers, who must be users of this system. When they log on, they will see the people they need to call on the CiviCRM Home page. Campaign Volunteer is probably the best role for your phone bank callers.

3. Callers should record the results of their calls on the Activity (left message, agreed to do x, etc.).

For the Person who makes the calls

On the CiviCRM Home page, you will see the people you need to call.
1. Click on the person you want to call. This takes you to the person’s Summary page which lists the phone numbers, address, and other info.
2. Call the phone number.
3. If someone answers and you can talk to them, have a conversation and get some info. Make changes to Email addresses, etc. Invite to local meeting. Find out what issues they are interested in and record them in a note (see Notes tab at top and image below). Summarize your conversation on the Activity (#5).

4. If you’ve dialed a bad number, flag the number as Invalid.
5. Update the Activity on the Activity tab at the top. Do not click “Click here to log the result of your call”. That adds another activity in addition to the one already there.  You should update the one that’s already there by Completing it, so it is removed from your Activity page. If you change the status to Left Message, the activity will remain in your queue and assumes you will call them back at some point.
6. If you can leave a message, leave the suggested message below and update the status to Complete.

New Libertarians Phone Message

Change the message to fit your speaking style.

Hi, I’m ______ calling for the Libertarian Party of Colorado and wanted to thank you for registering to vote as a Libertarian. We have local meetings in ______ County on the ____ day of the month at _____ and I wanted to invite you to come and see what we’re all about and answer any questions you might have. We have a website at Look for the Events page on the Get Involved menu. Thank you for joining.

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