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Activities record any contact you have with any of the people in our database. When you log in and go to CiviCRM, you will see any activities that have been assigned to you. You can return to this page by clicking on “CiviCRM” on the left sidebar menu. If you do not see Activities, you may have to “Configure your Dashboard” (click), then, on the next page, drag “Activities” to the preferred space.

If you are assigning activities to people, cookies are required for https://www.lpcolorado.org/. Note the www and https.

Activities can be assigned to people from either Advanced Search or Search Builder. Select the records you want to call. Then select Add Activity from the Action dropdown. On the Activities screen,

Activity Type = Phone Call
Activity Separation = Create separate activities for each contact
Assigned to = person making phone calls (choose entry with Last Name, First Name)
Subject = Pueblo (county) new libertarians Nov-Dec 2018
Location = leave blank
Activity Status = Scheduled
Details = instructions, could be link to phone bank page.

When you Save this screen, an email will be sent to the Assigned To person.

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