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All statewide emails must be approved and scheduled by the Database Manager. LP National’s Affiliate Support will accept statewide emails only from the Database Manager or equivalent in each state. Turnaround is usually 2 days. Get it to me Monday morning and it will usually go out Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

For emails that go to some small portion of our list, ask the Database Manager. We may be able to do this. National is very much aware that we are limited to 50 emails for non-statewide blasts and that this is not acceptable. We can work around this in some instances but it becomes very time-consuming for larger areas, like El Paso county. A solution depends on funding for the state CRM project.

We have about 7500 emails on our list. Our emails go through Sparkpost, which limits us to 10,000 per day and 50,000 per month (our $9 per month plan).

If something is important enough to be sent statewide, it is important enough to set up as a News Post, where casual visitors to our website will see it. You have privileges to create this Post. If it is created as a Post, as News or some other category, we will mention it in the next email blast.

In order to avoid having our emails look/feel like spam, there are some guidelines that need to be followed.
1. Write it like a letter to a friend.
2. Avoid ALL CAPS, words like FREE, and punctuation like !!!!.
3. Do not put email address lists or link lists in the email. (Put them in the Post.)
4. Do not send attachments. Put the attachment on our website or in the lpedia archives and link to it. This cuts our bandwidth consumption and time to send emails by 95% or more. Newsletters should be archived anyway, so do it up front.
5. You can include tokens which personalize the email. These include First and Last Names, city, county, political districts, etc.

The sender in emails is info@lpcolorado.org. If you want people to respond to you, mention that in your email and include your board address as a mailto link.

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