The purpose of this page is to help you lobby your state senator when it matters most. That is when a bill we are interested in is voted on during committee hearings. Senators are members of 2 or 3 committees. Our goal is to alert you to these opportunities before your senator votes, so you can express your views to your senator in time to make a difference. You can see a list of committees here. Our recommendations to support or oppose bills come from Principles of Liberty, a 501(c3) that closely aligns with libertarian values.
Here’s how to lobby. This page will be updated before Monday noon when the legislature is in session.
1. Find your State Senate District.
2. Locate your Senate District in the bills being heard this week below. It may appear more than once, in which case you may lobby on more than one bill. If it does not appear in the bills being heard this week, your senator is not voting on a bill important to us. You may use CTRL-F to find your senate district. Use the form SDxx.
3. Read the commentary about the bill. (Click on Bill and Title)
4. Send your State Senator an email using the appropriate link BEFORE the hearing date.
5. Thank you for helping.
Bills in the week beginning mm/dd/yy
Date Bill and Title Committee Hearing Date Position Districts Bill Text
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