Wayne HarlosState Chairman: Wayne Harlos

Contact: statechair@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Wayne at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Harlos.

Hannah GoodmanVice Chair: Hannah Goodman

Contact: vicechair@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Hannah at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Goodman.

Caryn Ann HarlosSecretary: Caryn Ann Harlos

Contact: secretary@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Caryn Ann at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Caryn_Ann_Harlos.

Pic Coming SoonTreasurer: Gavin Kaszynski

Contact: treasurer@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Gavin at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Gavin_Kaszynski.

Daniel LutzFundraising Director: Daniel Lutz

Contact: fundraisingdirector@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Daniel at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Lutz.

Jacob LuriaCampaigns Director: Jacob Luria

Contact: campaignsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Director Description

Outreach Director: Ryan Kane

Contact: outreachdirector@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Ryan at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Kane.

Pic Coming SoonAffiliate Development Director: Kyle Furey

Contact: affiliatesdirector@lpcolorado.org

Director Description

Jon BurroughsLegislative Director: Jon Burroughs

Contact: legislativedirector@lpcolorado.org

Rees LaBreeMembership Director: Rees LaBree

Contact: membershipdirector@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Rees at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Rees_LaBree.

Joshua LallementCommunications Director: Joshua Lallement

Contact: communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Joshua at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Lallement.


Standing Committees

Judicial Committee: judicialcommittee@lpcolorado.org.
Platform Committee:
Bylaws Committee:
See committee history at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Libertarian_Party_of_Colorado#Committees

Staff Volunteers

Mike SeebeckParliamentarian: Mike Seebeck


Read more about Mike at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Mike_Seebeck.

Coming SoonWelcome Committee: Marc Montoni

Contact: welcome@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Marc at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Marc_Montoni.

Picture Coming SoonTechnology Director: Reyd Dotson

Contact: technologychair@lpcolorado.org

Read more about Reyd at https://lpedia.org/wiki/Reyd_Dotson

Coming SoonDatabase Manager: David Aitken

Contact: databasemanager@lpcolorado.org

Read more about David at https://lpedia.org/wiki/David_Aitken.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado supports transparency in government and tries to model this transparency in our own Party. To this end, the Board of Directors now has a publicly-viewable email discussion list for Party members. To view, visit our read-only Google list and you can subscribe with a gmail address to have messages delivered to your email box so that you can be more involved with the business of the Party.

Have a question? Contact us!, by mail at 11757 West Ken Caryl Avenue F124, Littleton, Colorado 80127, or phone (303) 837-9393.

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