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The purpose of our Data Sharing program is to allow activists and affiliates to 1) reach out to interested party members and voters; and 2) maintain accurate records for doing so.

We share data with Affiliates and Activists by either 1) allowing access to the CRM system; or 2) exporting contacts to Excel spreadsheets using the CO_AllFields template. The first method is preferred because changes (addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc) can be recorded at the time they are discovered. Recipients need to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which can be found below the login window at lpcolorado.org/act. The guidelines for use are:

Data must only be used to promote the Libertarian Party of Colorado. No other uses are permitted. See the specific terms of the NDA.

Libertarians from the Secretary of State’s voter registration file are uploaded and updated several times per year to keep the voter information current.

Spreadsheets containing member information must be deleted no later than 90 days from the date they were received for 2 reasons: 1) some people have decided to leave the party and no longer want to be contacted by us. We need to honor that request; 2) new people in your area have joined the party and are not on your list.

Changes to information on your list need to be made on the party’s CRM system so these changes can be shared with other activists and duplicate work can be avoided. You can minimize duplicate work by making changes to phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and volunteer status directly to the party’s CRM system. Ask the Database Manager for access and training.

Board members who maintain information in their shared folders or on their personal computers that should be public need to maintain this information on the party’s CRM system. This particularly applies to Membership, Affiliates, and Campaigns. Affiliate contact information shows up on our website so members know how to contact their local affiliate. Members and voters look to our website to find our candidates, so this must be kept current.

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