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If you need help, please email the Database Manager, or call David Aitken at 303-260-8987.

There are links to help on your Dashboard, which is the first screen you see after logging in. The Dashboard is also the first entry on the left sidebar menu.

You can have any Knowledge Base article open while working by right-clicking on “View” in the sub-menu under the title and opening the article in a new tab. This leaves the original tab available for you to do your work. Or you can open the complete Knowledge Base Index here.

To log off the system, in the upper right corner should be your name. Hover over that to see the logoff link. If your name is not in the upper right corner, select the Dashboard on the left sidebar menu.

There is a short CiviCRM Tutorial available by selecting CiviCRM on the left sidebar, then look under Support (top) for CiviCRM Dashboard.

CRM Overview Slide Show. CRM Overview Training Video (75 minutes).

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