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On the left sidebar menu is an entry for Events. This is where Meetups, Business (Board) Meetings, and Volunteer Activities (road cleanup, etc) are entered. You can also see and change previous entries. Generally speaking, you should probably compose and edit your Events offline.

When you click on “Events” you will see a list of all previous Events, oldest first. If you hover your mouse over the title, you will see a sub-menu for that Event. You can change a few of the meta characteristics on the “Quick-Edit” sub-menu such as Date, Author, and Category. You can also clone an event. This function creates a new event with the same date as the original and calls it a Draft. Edit it to change the date.

There are several filters at the top of the Events page including Venues. Selecting a Venue and clicking Filter at the right will list only the events at that Venue. This is useful for seeing what you’ve entered and what you haven’t.

If you click “Edit”, you’ll be able to change the content of the Event.

At the top of “Events” is a button for “Add New”. Click it to start a new Event. You should now see a blank screen. Keep your title short, 4-8 words. Off to the right is a button for “Publish”. When you are editing a published event, the button will read “Update”.

You have typical editing tools at the top of the screen, and you can work directly with the source by selecting “Tools”. Inserting graphics is done with the “Add Media” button.

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