Phillips County Against Healthcare Mandates

“Declare Phillips County A Sanctuary County Against Healthcare Mandates!” says the Libertarian Party Development Group of Phillips County.

The recent vaccine mandate has generated concerns across party lines and employment sectors. Healthcare workers especially are being stripped of their rights and their concerns are falling on deaf ears. The Libertarian Party Development Group of Phillips County has partnered with local Republicans to pressure the 3 elected Health commissioners of Phillips County into protecting the rights of their healthcare workers against mandates that force them to choose between vaccination and employment. Freedom should extend to all areas of life, including healthcare, and employment should not be dependent on whether one chooses to get a vaccine or not.

The Vice chair of the LPCO voiced the concerns of the healthcare workers and other concerned residents in Phillips County and asked the commissioners to declare Phillips County a sanctuary county against all healthcare mandates on both state and federal levels.

The Libertarian Party Development Group of Phillips County organized a rally in front of the county courthouse on September 29th to support healthcare workers and voice their concerns.

Help stop this injustice facing healthcare workers! Reach out to your elected officials on both local and state levels and let them know you want to support a person’s right to choose the healthcare they want to receive without the government deciding for them.

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