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                          Remembering DK!


Littleton- With great pain and heavy hearts, the Libertarian Party of Colorado learned that on Saturday, October 23, David K. Williams passed away. This shocking news is devastating, and we share the sorrow of the many grieving loved ones he left behind.

        David left behind a community of activists that was everyday improved by his generous efforts. His selfless devotion to our cause has affected every corner of the Liberty movement in Colorado. We join in the outpouring of love towards his friends and family, and truly weep at this great loss.

         At a time when State expansion is growing exponentially and individual freedom seems to be under threat every day, losing an activist as accomplished and game-changing as David is unbelievably tragic. Over the last few days, condolences have been offered from inside and outside the LPCO, and even includes some sitting State Legislators as well as the Governor. This wide-reaching support is a testament to David’s towering stature in the world of Colorado politics.

         He not only led LPCO as its Chair, but he finished a strong second in a four-way race for RTD. He also ran a very competitive three-way race for State Attorney General that garnered over 120,000 votes. During that race, he set the bar high for what a candidate can accomplish during one race.

          Many minds were changed by him, and some became dedicated enough to our cause that they have remained avid defenders of freedom with us.

      Having graduated JD from the University of North Carolina, he was devoted to the just application of the law. He has defended small businesses from government abuse, including the now-successful 88 Drive-in in Commerce City, and was one of four Libertarians responsible for organizing the Reopen Colorado protests.

       He also said often that his greatest accomplishment in life was freeing an innocent man from death row. His efforts testifying in the State Legislature also contributed to the ending of the death penalty as a practice in the state of Colorado.

      His eloquent manner of speaking made him uniquely qualified to sell Libertarian principles to average voters, and he was overwhelmingly successful at doing so.

       More than this, his kind and thoughtful personality gave him the ability to turn anyone into an ally of Liberty on one issue or another. Those that knew him best have described debating with him as “clarity without conflict.” He had a way of reaching nearly anyone in a way that was humble and welcoming, and he did so without compromising on his principles.

       He brightened every room, like he energized our activists and gave us all a ray of hope. He made Libertarianism seem sane, and even had fun promoting it. His enthusiasm for the principles of personal Liberty can be seen in the many speeches he has given over the years at LPCO Conventions, fundraisers, as well as Liberty On The Rocks in Denver. His podcast, “The Law,” explains how Libertarian principles apply to various vexing legal scenarios, and it does so in a way that anyone can follow along.

       More than anything else, David treated everyone with love and respect. He was a loving father and the friends he made are too numerous to count. Our sincerest condolences go out to his close friends and family during this terrible time.

         David’s passion and love of Liberty has imprinted upon the hearts of everyone in Colorado that desires to see a world set free. While it may not have been free in his lifetime, we endeavor to honor his memory by following the example he made for us all.


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