Remembering Veteran Human Rights Activist



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    Remembering Veteran Human Rights Activist


                        True American Hero 


Littleton-It is with great sadness that the Libertarian Party of Colorado acknowledges the passing of Matt Kahl. 


        Matt was a consummate champion for liberty and individual rights. His biggest focus was on helping veterans get access to alternative treatments for conditions developed during their time in the service. Matt Started the organization Veterans for Natural Rights and helped hundreds of veterans gain new abilities to handle their PTSD and other afflictions from their service. Being an Army veteran himself he used his experience and passion to continue the push for freedom here in America. Through his great efforts the rights and freedoms of thousands of America’s veterans were safeguarded and many gained a new understanding of the problems afflicting veterans. Apart from his military service and veterans activism he was also one of the first hemp farmers in CO as well as serving on a Department of Agriculture Advisory Board.


        Matt leaves behind an amazing family and huge community of supporters, as partners in the fight for liberty and freedom we wish to offer our condolences and support to all those feeling the pain of his loss. Rest easy Soldier, we have the watch.


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