Current Officers & General Information

Mesa County Libertarian Party

Last update 2022-10-18
Officers and Leadership
Nicholas Williams, Chair
            Address: Mesa County
            Phone: 520-561-0006, voicemail or text.  Email: Nicholas Williams
Robert Ballard, Treasurer
            Address: Mesa County
            Phone: 970-765-4950, voicemail or text. Email: Robert Ballard
Rayne Gardner, Secretary
            Address: Mesa County
            Phone: ______________, voicemail or text.  Email: Rayne Gardner
Marc Montoni, Affiliate Liaison
            Address: PO Box 1392 – Clifton CO  81520-1392.  Mesa County
            Phone: 804-592-6066, voicemail or text.  Email: Marc Montoni
Precinct Captains
Precinct 21 (#3075439024): Marc Montoni
Precinct 78 (#3075539050): Rayne Gardner
Precinct 79 (#3075539049): Nicholas Williams
Precinct 89 (#3075539057): Robert Ballard
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