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Refunds can be entered by selecting the donor using any Search function, then select View>Contributions>Edit. Refunds are entered as a negative amount, like “-10.00” (no quotes) for a $10 refund.

PayPal Donations

PayPal donations do not go through CiviCRM, so they need to be imported by Affiliate Support. There is a standard format provided by Affiliate Support. You need to add the Contact Id to the spreadsheet in the first column (insert a blank column before Column A). This should be done monthly.

In-Kind, Cash/Check Donations

In-Kind, and Cash or Check Donations can be added to the spreadsheet that goes to Affiliate Support for importing. You need to find out the Contact Id and enter this in the first column of the spreadsheet.


You can get a monthly report of all donations by using the Contribution Detail report. The Date Range can be entered on the Filters tab.


TRACER is the Secretary of State’s tool for reporting contributions for the political donations. The total entered here should match the monthly total on the Contribution Detail report.

New People

If somebody completely new to the Party gives us a donation, they can be added to the system by selecting “New Individual” from the Dashboard.

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