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Candidates have at least 2 records in the system, a Candidate Record, and an Individual Record. When a candidate is entered, both records are created in the system, unless an Individual Record can be found. If the Individual Record is found, it will be updated with current information (address, phone, etc).

Use the Search Article to find and edit people, candidates, and affiliates.

Activities and Notes for the campaign can be found by Saving or Canceling the Edit session, or by clicking View from the Search results. Then select the appropriate tab.

Characteristics for the race can be found in the Campaign Overview section. Results are entered in the Campaign Results section.

See also the Volunteers article.

Export Spreadsheet

Candidates can be exported to a spreadsheet. After the search comes back with a list of candidates, select all or just the ones you want. Then select Export from the Action dropdown. Select Custom fields and then the CO_Candidates model. Click Export.

Find New Candidates

You can find new candidates with Advanced Search by using Contact Type = Candidate Organization and Change Log = Add, plus a date range.

More Help

There’s more help here, but you’ll need the password from the Dashboard.

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