LPCO send X (Twitter) Cease and Desist Notice

Media Release 9/13/23

On July 5, 2023, the official twitter account of the Libertarian Party of Colorado was permanently suspended from X without warning. Additionally, the notice did not provide the alleged violating content, as seen below. The Party appealed the suspension on multiple occasions, even offering to delete the unknown content, but to no end.

Therefore, the Libertarian Party of Colorado has sent X a cease and desist letter in which we demand X immediately end its ongoing censorship of the Party. LPCO represents over 40,000 registered libertarians in Colorado and this overstep has caused irreparable harm to the party and its members. X did not give LPCO the opportunity to negotiate and/or remedy this dispute, and failed to properly notify of the offense.

X instead decided to, without warning or communication, permanently suspend the account with the affiliated 3rd largest political organization in the United States. This biased and discriminatory treatment resulted in significant disadvantage for our party and members.
A formal notice was sent to X’s registered agent in Colorado.

Please see the full notice here
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