SB23-303: Prop HH’s Votes of Shame

The Gallagher Amendment, adopted in 1982, aimed to maintain a balance between residential and non-residential property tax revenue. Repealing it would disproportionately burden homeowners, potentially leading to higher property taxes for them, while granting commercial properties a significant advantage.

The property tax ratio paid through residential and commercial property taxes was becoming imbalanced, but the Colorado Legislature decided repeal the amendment and replace it with nothing. This set us down the path we’re on today where residential property tax valuations are soaring by 25-50% state wide. That’s why these members deserve to carry the torch of shame.

SB20-223 Assessment Rate Moratorium & Conforming Changes
Colorado House (Gallagher Repeal)    
Arndt Froelich Kraft-Tharp Soper
Benavidez Garnett Lontine Sullivan
Bird Gonzales-Gutierrez McCluskie Tipper
Buckner Gray McLachlan Titone
Buentello Herod Melton Valdez A.
Caraveo Hooton Michaelson Jenet Valdez D.
Catlin Jackson Mullica Weissman
Coleman Jaquez Lewis Rich Will
Cutter Kennedy Roberts Wilson
Duran Kipp Singer Woodrow
Esgar Becker Sirota Young
Exum Snyder    
Colorado Senate    
Bridges Exum Kolker Roberts
Buckner Fields Marchman Rodriguez
Coleman Gonzales Moreno Sullivan
Cutter Hansen Mullica Winter F.
Danielson Jaquez Lewis Priola Zenzinger

Despite having multiple chances to do something real about the issue of soaring residential property taxes, the 2023 legislature could only manage a bill that would put a lite “TABOR repeal” on the ballot in 2023. For more information on what this proposition does see the Independence Institute’s great series on YouTube. These are the legislators that are salivating over your TABOR refunds.

SB23-303 Reduce Property Taxes And Voter-approved Revenue Change
Prop HH  House Vote    
Amabile Garcia Marshall Story
Bacon Gonzales-Gutierrez Martinez Titone
Bird Hamrick McCluskie Valdez
Boesenecker Herod McCormick Velasco
Brown Jodeh McLachlan Vigil
Daugherty Joseph Michaelson Jenet Weissman
deGruy Kennedy Kipp Ortiz Willford
Dickson Lieder Parenti Woodrow
Duran Lindsay Ricks Young
English Lindstedt Sharbini  
Epps Lukens Sirota  
Froelich Mabrey Snyder  
Senate Vote      
Bridges Fields Kolker Roberts
Buckner Ginal Marchman Rodriguez
Coleman Gonzales Moreno Sullivan
Cutter Hansen Winter F. Zenzinger
Danielson Hinrichsen Mullica  
Exum Jaquez Lewis Priola  

Help us fight this tax nightmare and make the Colorado Legislature take up a real property tax reform bill that doesn’t pick the pockets of your TABOR refund!

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