Resolution regarding Ms. Caryn Ann Harlos

Whereas, Caryn Ann Harlos has served honorably as Secretary of the national Libertarian Party (LP); and

Whereas, Ms. Harlos was re-elected by Delegates in 2020 by running on an open and unambiguous campaign promise to oppose and root out corruption from within the Party ranks; and

Whereas, Ms. Harlos has fulfilled that campaign promise by exposing recent corruption in LPNH that implicated LP National Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman, as confirmed by the recent report of the special investigative committee that revealed that the chair “guided, and likely initiated, this strategy” of usurpation; and

Whereas, the current Libertarian National Committee (LNC) has spent more energy and devoted more resources to removing Ms. Harlos from her elected position than it has opposing blatant totalitarianism resulting from the ongoing illegal COVID-19 tyranny state; and

Whereas, that illegal COVID-19 tyranny state includes stay-at-home orders, forced injections, campaigns to institute vaccine passports, forcible closure of various sectors of the economy, imposition of mask mandates, fascism, medical Jim Crow, enactment of state restrictions against public assembly and religious worship, and other outrageous government lunacies; and

Whereas, the “bill of particulars” removal motion against Ms. Harlos wrongly characterizes criticism of fellow LNC officials as “harassment,” inexplicably purports that monetizing libertarian content is somehow immoral and “detrimental to the Party,” and features a list of minor offenses of decorum that could apply to, yet not prosecuted against, many members of the same body; and

Whereas, the written complaints against Ms. Harlos also raise the absurd claim that the Secretary violated the non-aggression principle through public criticism of her peers, effectively redefining and perverting the cornerstone maxim of libertarian philosophy, the Non-Aggression Principle, to include non-aggressive expressions of her own well-founded opinions; and

Whereas, by attempting such redefinition and perversion, the complainants seek to embrace completely anti-libertarian positions of censorship and cancel culture which undermine the fundamental core of the Party and libertarianism, and could lead to destroying the Party;


Resolved, the Libertarian Party of Colorado expressly rejects the suspension and attempted removal of Caryn Ann Harlos as National Secretary by the LNC; and

Resolved, the Libertarian Party of Colorado insists that the LNC shift its attention and resources from removing duly-elected national officers for personality conflicts and bogus “charges” to opposing the evil of the state and its widespread propensity to violate individual rights in every corner of the world, especially in this current insane time.

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