Good Samaritan in Arvada, Colorado

                      Tragedy in Arvada


Littleton- The Libertarian Party of Colorado would like to send its condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the tragedy in Arvada on Monday.


We especially would like to express gratitude for the quick heroic actions of Johnny Hurley for stopping the shooting and saving lives.  We were devastated that Mr. Hurley who was known by many among libertarian circles and the Colorado activist community at large, lost his life saving others at the hands of Arvada police.


We find the loss of Mr. Hurley’s life after his heroic actions was unacceptable and even more a travesty, the glossing over and the slow or refusal of coming forth with these details from the Arvada police department and the Colorado media.  Mr. Hurley’s loved ones deserve answers and call for the people of Arvada and Colorado to join us to demand full transparency and accountability from those responsible to the public.  We especially would like to know why the Arvada police department has delayed implementing body cameras for its cops until 2023 and calls for that to be revisited.


The Libertarian Party of Colorado sees this definitively the importance of gun rights and the inherent right to self-defense.  That a well-armed populous protecting themselves and their community is the surest way to provide a safe Colorado.  We call on the people of Colorado to join us and demand the government respects the 2nd Amendment and ceases the gun control mindset that creates a vulnerable community and repeal of gun laws that creates a stigma against gun ownership.

For anyone that has been touched by this tragedy, a go fund me has been set up for Mr. Hurley’s family. Go to to help.

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