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To all members,

We had a very big mistake this weekend on Twitter. There was a horrible tweet made over the weekend that does NOT line up with what the LPCO stands for.

When the tweet was discovered, it was removed IMMEDIATELY, and the matter handled internally  about how the LPCO communicates our principles and ideas.  We need to remember that everyone is human and deserve to be valued and respected.

This mistake falls on my shoulders, and I am taking corrective action.

The next failure is we have several members that are falsely stating that this horrible tweet was deliberately driven by the new leadership of the LPCO. That is NOT TRUE and is actively dividing the Party.  There was never a call made to me about it nor were there any follow-ups made to determine how it happened.  Mistakes will happen, but the real harm is done when people choose to immediately disparage without first reaching out, asking questions, and offering to help.

Also a statement from our Communications Director Joshua Lallement “I apologize for the misstep on Twitter on Sunday.  It is my responsibility for what goes on to all LPCO social media.  Thank you all for making us aware and holding me accountable and LPCO will be better.”

My apologies to all the members for this error. I can assure you that the new LPCO will stick to Libertarian principles and will operate in integrity.  

I can always be reached at 303-229-3435 or at statechair@lpcolorado.org.  Let’s move forward in a direction that does not involve sniping and rumor mills.

Wayne Harlos

Chair LPCO


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