Grow Your Affiliate Phone Contest

Grow your affiliate by making calls to people in your area inviting them to events or signing them up for memberships. Your affiliate gets rewarded for making these calls to people in your county or region and entering those calls into the state CRM.

An hour a week could earn your affiliate much needed funds for your next outreach booth or literature buy and create more activists to help you become successful.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your affiliate must be using the state CRM.
2. Only phone calls documented as an Activity in the CRM will be counted.
3. The Affiliate or Region that makes the most successful calls above a minimum win the prize.
4. Successful calls are 1) talk to the named person; 2) left party message on voicemail; or
3) sent individual text message about party activity.
5. Calls must be logged as an Activity to count. The statuses that count are 1) Completed; and 2) Left Message.
6. calls can be for any party purpose – state membership, national membership, local meeting, volunteer event, lobbying effort, campaign event, etc.

7. New contest and prizes every month. Contest runs from June 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.
8. Affiliates are divided into two categories.
A. Metro Region Counties which compete as individual counties.
B. All Regions except the Metro Region which compete as regions. Regions are defined on the Affiliates map on the website.
9. Metro Region Counties – make the most calls (minimum 25) win $50.
10. All Regions except Metro – make the most calls (minimum 10) win $25.
11. If there is a tie, the prize will be split between the winners.
12. if no Metro county or other region does the minimum, then no prize is awarded.
13. Weekly and contest results will be posted on the website.

To participate in making calls for this contest, you must be a user of the state CRM.
Please complete the NDA here:
Training will be offered after you complete the user-request form and get approved.

Here’s how to log a phone call:

For counties in regions outside the Metro Area, if you don’t have enough people to call in your county, let me know and we’ll make you a regional coordinator so you can contact people in adjacent counties in your region. This will let you help people in other counties start a new affiliate.

Prize money is paid to the affiliates who win. Recognized affiliates will receive a check or PayPal transfer; other affiliates or regions will have the funds credited to your account with the LPCO Treasurer. Regional funds could be divided among the counties who receive the calls.

Training and support will be available throughout the contest. We want you to be successful in growing your affiliate.

This document will be updated as needed.

David Aitken

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