Jo and Spike to Speak at Sold Out Convention


Contact: Joshua Lallement
Phone: (303)837-9393

2020 Presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen, to Speak in Sold out Convention on May 21-23

Libertarian Party of Colorado Golden Convention

Golden-Colorado Libertarians kick off our 2021 annual state convention of the Libertarian starting Friday night with 2020 Libertarian candidates for President (Dr. Jo Jorgensen) speaking. The convention runs through Sunday afternoon at the Marriott Denver West in Golden Colorado. We will be celebrating the Libertarian Party’s Golden Anniversary (1971-2021). The Libertarian Party was founded in Colorado in 1971!
Other guests joining will be, Vice President (Spike Cohen) at the state group’s annual convention this weekend joined by anti-war activist Scott Horton of, LGBTQ+, and liberty activist Ashley Shade of, and more.
The ticketed events for the convention are sold out. Interviews and media credentials are limited, due to hotel capacity limitations. To schedule an interview with Jorgensen, Cohen, Reynolds, or any other participant, or to obtain media credentials to access the convention, please contact

Party business is still free to attend and participate for anyone who has been registered libertarian in Colorado as of ninety days prior to May 20th , 2021. However, due to hotel capacity limitations, we ask that people preregister for the
event should they want to vote. Changes to the state party’s Platform, Constitution, and Bylaws will be considered and  elections for all 11 board positions will be held. The following positions will be elected to serve two years 2021-2023:

1. Chairman
2. Vice Chair
3. Affiliate Development Director
4. Campaigns Director
5. Membership Director
6. Communications Director

The following Directors shall be elected to serve one year 2021-2022:

1. Outreach Director
2. Secretary
3. Legislative Director
4. Treasurer
5. Fundraising Director

In order to be a delegate to the convention, an individual must have been a registered Libertarian before February 20,  2021, and be credentialed. Those interested should complete the credentials request at:

2021 Convention: Liberty Gold Rush

Credentialing may also be completed at the convention if there is available room. The Colorado Libertarian Party is always seeking new donors and volunteers to help promote the Libertarian vision of a nation at peace, with a tiny, unobtrusive
government that refrains from interfering in the lives of peaceful individuals. To donate, visit the LPCO donation page, To become a volunteer, visit the LPCO volunteer page,

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Joshua Lallement at, or Victoria Reynolds at, or call (303)

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