Identity Politics and Privacy


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The problem with identity politics is your personal values are connected to your political party and you defend the values of your political party with resolute righteousness.

For identity politics to be truly successful there must be a glorious hero. The hero shines in the sunlight. The hero is the protector of the weak and the helpless.

And there must be a wicked villain. The villain lurks in the darkness. The villain is the cause of misery and despair.

Since March 2020, we have been assaulted with glorious heroes and wicked villains. And, now, in April 2021, we stand in a muddy field and watch as the cold COVID winter snow begins to melt.

As we look up the mountain, we see butterflies and wildflowers beginning to appear. We see the hope of summer’s warmth.

But, spring is stalled as talking points, pro and con, for the COVID Passport, become the latest sound waves reflecting back into the media echo chamber.

These talking points bounce like a rubber ball into the gray, bare walls lining the hearts of weary and stressed people who ache for the sunlight of their loved ones.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado aches with you. We yearn for the sunlight of our loved ones, also.

We will not argue that showing proof of vaccination is a new idea. It is not. We accept that we are barred from entering some countries without proof of inoculation from certain diseases.

We also will not argue that there are problems with hastily issued vaccination programs. A paper, “Reflections on the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Program” (which can be found on the CDC website) provides a very good example of this.

As Libertarians, we believe the decision to be vaccinated, as with all personal medical choices, should be left to the individual.

But to economically and socially pressure people to put data on the internet, under any circumstances, bothers Libertarians greatly.

Establishing a COVID passport will hurt people, not help them.

When governments or corporations tell you that they will protect your data, they are lying.

Once your data is out there, you cannot pull it back.

Government and corporations do not protect data, it exploits it. And, we will prove this:

If you are a registered voter in Colorado, go to and enter your name into this database.

Unless you have opted out of this database, your name will appear with your voter status.

Click on your name and a new page will appear.

This page will have a great deal of personal information which will include your home address, the name of your family members, and other personal details. This information came from the government.

Now, enter the name of a U.S Representative or U.S. Senator from the state of Colorado.

At the top of the page, it will say that 0 voter records appear for this person. This is because our U.S. congressional representatives removed their information from this database.

If our elected officials in Congress understand the value of keeping their personal information off the internet, AND if they actively take precautionary steps to do this, why are you voluntarily handing it over?

Members of Congress know how to protect themselves from data-tracking systems. Ordinary citizens do not.

Our educationally limited and financially limited communities are the most vulnerable if a COVID vaccine passport is implemented. They are the most likely to be the victims of identity theft and will suffer long-term fallout from criminal and credit assassination by data-mining predators.

Your information belongs to you.

Yes, health is important. But, if your data is stolen it will directly impact your ability to obtain healthcare.

Colorado, it’s been a long, cold COVID winter and summer is almost here. The Libertarian Party of Colorado hopes everyone will be able to spend the summer of 2021 with the people they love.

But, as Libertarians, we believe that we cannot hurt people and we cannot take their things. We ask Colorado Republicans and Democrats to lay down their political weapons and stand with us on this issue.

The COVID passport has a strong potential to hurt vulnerable populations and steal their data.

Coloradans have a reputation for independence and fairness. Resisting the COVID passport is consistent with both Colorado values and can be defended with resolute righteousness no matter what your political affiliation is.

One more thing, please, remove your information from and tell others to do so, also.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Joshua Lallement at, or Victoria Reynolds at, or call (303) 837-9393.


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