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Littleton-There recently has been a lot of discussion in Colorado, and the country for good reason about our crumbling infrastructure when it comes to the roads, bridges, power grid, plumbing, gas lines, and etc.

The concern comes whenever there is an ongoing problem or concern. Those in government whether state or federal, always like to jump to the quick, and easy solution of higher taxes, new tax schemes, or just printing more money to solve the problem.

The latest schemes for our crumbling infrastructure whether it’s the new gas tax proposal that the Colorado State government is proposing or the idea of a tax on miles driving that US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has been advertising, and advocating are just more quick schemes of nickel, and dime taxing the fruits of peoples hard earned labor that is never enough to solve the problem while just making it harder for people to make a living for themselves, and the money they work hard for lose even more value.

Then how can we fix the problem of our crumbling infrastructure? For one idea, the Libertarian Party of Colorado is reminded of the wise observation of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul “We’re spending, $20 billion a year on air conditioning in Afghanistan, and Iraq.” Which coincidentally the decision on keeping the deadline for the militaries withdrawal from Afghanistan is upcoming. We urge President Biden to keep the agreement to end the longest war in American history, and the billions of dollars a year to keep it going can be used for problems like infrastructure, start paying down the national debt, cut taxes so the American people can keep more of their hard-earned money, and invest in their local communities. We can keep it going, and cut from the trillion-dollar US empire that creates destruction, and enemies around the world. Bringing home those trillions of dollars for immediate, and long-term needs in America drastically reducing the size, and scope in government unlocking untold peace, liberty, and prosperity to the country.

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