LPCO Communications Director Resigns, Interim Director Appointed

On September 9th 2019 Mr. Lance Caycko, resigned his position as  Communications Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. Ms. Stacy Petty was appointed interim Communications Director by the Board, and we are very appreciative of her willingness to do the job.  She is very well qualified for the position.  

At the September 9th Board Meeting, the board voted to accept other applications for this position until the next board meeting on October 14, 2019 at which time a permanent director will be chosen.

We are seeking applicants for the position of Communications Director, whose duties, according to our bylaws are described below:

The Communications Director shall be responsible for all outward-facing communications, websites, multimedia, social media, press releases, media appearances, and media inquiries. The Communications Director may establish and manage committees (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to accomplish these and other communications functions.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the open position to Chairman Victoria Reynolds.

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