The Irony of the Troll

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The Irony of the Troll by Bonnie Pyle

Climate change. These are two words we’ve all heard a lot, especially recently with the introduction of the ridiculous Green New Deal. The Green New Deal, a proposal that would like to see cow farts banned and America returned to a time when our only means of transportation was trains and bicycles. We sought technology and inventions to move us past that point for a reason! Trains and bicycles were inadequate and inefficient in the past, how could we possibly expect them to be acceptable now with a population of over 325 million? How can anyone consider this progress?

No matter what your beliefs about climate change are, most people will agree that humans are having an effect on the earth. The Breckinridge Troll is a beautiful example of the irony of humans and their impact on earth. The Troll, a piece of art made from reclaimed wood, an homage to recycling and repurposing tucked away in the woods near Breckenridge, had to be removed because so many people were going out to see it, that the traffic and trash left behind became too much of a problem. A symbol of recycling removed because of human thoughtlessness and waste. The irony is beautiful.

This irony doesn’t end with the Breckenridge Troll however. Everywhere you look you will find people pushing for alternative energy, more eco friendly homes and environments. People around the country clamoring for solar, wind energy, lawns used for gardens rather than grass and of course bans on everything. The funny thing is, most of the people yelling the loudest for these things are living in cities and suburbs. Their lives are spent in places with strict ordinances and covenants defining how they can live. The cities and suburbs are fraught with regulations and rules. Solar and wind are not allowed because they don’t conform with the building codes and aesthetics of the neighborhood. Yards can’t be used for vegetable gardens. Grass must be strictly maintained to a certain look and length at all times. Homes can only be built with certain approved materials. Hempcrete? Not in this neighborhood! Eco friendly paint or siding? Nope, it doesn’t conform to the HOA standards and it isn’t available in the approved shades of beige! Collecting rainwater is illegal in many places and only approved irrigation systems can be used. This is the reality millions of people in this country live with!

Let’s look at some of the things people want to ban, plastic bags, straws, styrofoam containers, plastic packaging just to name a few. Instead of trying to ban them, ask yourself why they exist and why we don’t have more eco friendly options. It’s as simple as the law of supply and demand. We are supplied with what we demand. If more people demanded eco friendly alternatives to the plethora of plastic in the world, we would have it. The sad reality is that Americans are lazy, we want everything prewashed, in user friendly packaging, with effortless preparation and of course, convenience. All the things disposable, single use plastics provide. Just pop it in the microwave and go! Another problem we run into is government regulations with strict directives on how things must be packaged, stored and sold. Ever wonder why America is one of the few places where eggs must be refrigerated? The answer is government rules that require eggs to be bathed in chemicals that destroy the eggs natural bacteria protection. Of course those living in covenant controlled communities usually don’t have the option of keeping chickens for their own fresh, untreated eggs, that would be against the rules.

Laws, regulations, covenants, monopolies, all the things created by one type of government or another are exactly what limit individuals in their choices to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Despite these indisputable facts, people continue to push for more government intervention and more government power to “save the environment “.

This is not just ironic, it’s ridiculous.

Individuals whose lifestyles are strictly controlled flock to natural wonders and unique displays like the Troll, trampling natural areas, leaving their disposable plastic water bottles and other trash, causing traffic congestion and pollution, all to praise the beauty of nature and creative use of repurposed materials. When they are done, they return to their covenant controlled lifestyle to make a social media post demanding that the government do something about climate change. Oh the irony.

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Bonnie is a libertarian living in Teller County, Colorado. She’s passionate about fitness, animal rescue, and an avid outdoor adventurer.

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