2020 Convention Location Survey

As Convention Committee Chair for the LPCO 2020 Convention, I would really appreciate your feedback on whether we should restrict our convention location to counties that refuse to enforce the recent Red Flag (ERPO) law.

Please complete our 2020 Convention Location Survey by June 7th.


As you may know, in April of 2019, the Colorado Legislature signed HB19-1177 Extreme Risk Protection Orders into law. This law allows for the removal of firearms from a person’s residence (the Respondent) through a civil procedure which can be initiated by any extended family member or former roommate of the Respondent. The Libertarian Party of Colorado took a strong stance against this bill while it was still being discussed and spoke against it in public hearings. After passage of the bill several Colorado Counties and Sheriffs let it be known that they would not enforce this law. We now have some counties which are Sanctuary Counties and some counties where the Sheriff will not enforce the law. Do you feel that a county’s adoption of the ERPO, “Red Flag” law should have an impact on where we host our 2020 convention? Please follow the link to this quick 4-question survey.

Please complete our 2020 Convention Location Survey by June 7th.

Why am I’m singling out this issue? There are 2 reasons:
1. The legislation is recent and
2. Support is easily delineated by regions, counties in this case.

Thank you!

Angela K. Plummer
LPCO Convention Chair for the 2020 convention

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