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For Immediate Release 4/29/19

Colorado LP Opposes HB 19-1278

Resolved, Colorado LP opposes HB 19-1278 , which Libertarians refer to as the “Independent Candidate Suppression Act”.

This measure would greatly increase the number of petition signatures required to qualify independent candidates for the Colorado ballot for statewide and congressional offices
– For statewide offices, the signature requirement increases from 1,000 to 7,000 signatures
– It adds a distribution requirement of at least 1,000 signatures from each of Colorado’s seven congressional districts
– Independent candidates for US House would need 1,500 signatures to get on the ballot instead of the current 800.
– It would effectively block independent candidates from getting on the ballot for statewide or congressional offices.
– It also increases the signature requirement for county and state legislative offices.
– Petitioning is already a very costly and labor-intensive process (Unite Colorado reports that major- party candidates who petition to get their way on the statewide ballot spend an average of more than $200,000 on their petition drives.)

HB 19-1278 is a broad package of election-law changes, many of which are unrelated.

The Libertarian Party specifically asks for amendment to remove section 19 (which concerns the nomination of independent and minor party candidates) in its entirety.

Increasing burdens on independent voters, minor party voters, or anyone else who doesn’t fit into the two-party dynamic is an unconscionable erosion of voting rights.

While HB 19-1278 will have little or no effect on the Libertarian Party of Colorado, we stand for the rights of voters to hear the views and opinions of ALL candidates, and favor more, not fewer candidates and opinions in elections.

Libertarians favor open, easy ballot access for all parties and individuals. Libertarians in Colorado oppose these changes, and ask our legislators and the governor to oppose this bill.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lance Cayko at 303.775.7406 or email at CommunicationsDirector@LPColorado.org.

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