LPCO Opposes HB19-1212

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For Immediate Release 4/29/19

LPCO Opposes HB19-1212

The Community Association Manager’s Practice Act was Repealed as of July 1, 2018. HB19-1212 re-creates the CAM Licensing Program and adds another advisory board function to the Dept of Regulatory Affairs.

Why should Libertarians rise and oppose this bill?
– In general, the concept of mandatory licensing by government authorities is antithetical to Freedom. Free people do not ask permission from the State to get paid to properly take care of the property they own an interest in.
– Licensing of Community Association Managers has proven to be an unnecessary and burdensome requirement that is actually causing harm to the Common Interest Communities/Home Owners Associations (CIC/HOA) throughout Colorado. The definitions and requirements for licensing in HB19-1212 are so broad that virtually all employees of an HOA may be required to be licensed.
– It establishes a new set of laws that DORA can easily find violations of and impose penalties for.
– Common Interest Communities exist as a fundamental application of libertarian principles. Ownership in these communities and compliance with the Governing processes and Rules is entirely voluntary by contract. Libertarians should strongly oppose governmental intrusion into this contract.
– Boards of Directors are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the operation of their communities. They should have the freedom to determine the level of training, certification, experience, and education their employees need.
– Licensing costs of at least $3,000/year for each licensed employee will be incurred by each CIC/HOA that attempts to obey the law.
– Although there is a single party in complete control of Colorado Government, it may be possible to stop this re-imposition of unnecessary regulation and to actually have a win for freedom!

Libertarians in Colorado oppose HB 19-1212. We ask our legislators and the governor to oppose this bill.

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