Fight HB19-1177, Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Colorado HB19-1177, Extreme Risk Protection Orders is Scheduled for 2nd Reading in the Senate Chamber on Thursday, March 21, Floor Debate will begin at about 9:00am

 Please contact the legislators below and voice your opposition to this troublesome and very problematic legislation when it comes to protection of rights.

 Colorado HB19-1177 is much more than an infringement on the 2Nd amendment. It infringes in the 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment of the constitution It severely diminishes due process, gives no opportunity to face your accuser, changes definitions and language of the person an make an accusation. The piece of proposed legislation makes a person guilty until proven innocent.

 HB19-1177 is about control and confiscation.

 For more inform to help create you opposition to relay to the Legislators please visit this link. Excellent information provided by Rally for Our Rights and Executive Director Lesley Hollywood.

Email & Call these State Senators voice your opposition and tell them to vote No HB19-1177:

Leroy Garcia 303-866-4878
Kerry Donovan 303-866-4871
Rachel Zenzinger 303-866-4840
Dominick Moreno 303-866-4857

Please call or e-mail each of the State Senators on this page to voice your opposition:

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