Save the Electoral College Today!

LEGISLATIVE ALERT! Colorado Libertarians do you realize that today your state Senate will PASSED and LEGISLATED away your PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES into a pure popular vote via SB19-042. This bill sets aside OUR state’s presidential election result and instead throws our electoral votes to the choice made by stated with high concentrations of populations like California and New York.

This bill is now headed to the HOUSE at the end of this week for debate and voting. NOW is the time to step up your game. There’s a LOT a stake here!

Please consider emailing the house members of the Colorado Legislature in opposition to SB19-042 with a simple message like the following example:

“I am writing to voice that I do not support SB19-042 or the version of it that is going to the house this week. Please do not legislate away our electoral votes in Colorado to a national popular vote. This is unconstitutional and contrary to the electoral college. It’s unamerican and it DOES NOT represent Coloradans.”

Find your State House District on the Secretary of State’s website here.

Please Call your Representative, or Email all Representatives by copying the list on this page.
Jeni James Arndt, HD53, 303-866-2917
Mark Baisley, HD39, 303-866-2935
KC Becker, HD13, 303-866-2578
Susan Beckman, HD38, 303-866-2953
Adrienne Benavidez, HD32, 303-866-2964
Shannon Bird, HD35, 303-866-2843
Rod Bockenfeld, HD56, 303-866-2912
Perry Buck, HD49, 303-866-2907
Janet Buckner, HD40, 303-866-2944
Bri Buentello, HD47, 303-866-2905
Yadira Caraveo, HD31, 303-866-2918
Terri Carver, HD20, 303-866-2191
Marc Catlin, HD58, 303-866-2955
James Coleman, HD07, 303-866-2909
Lisa Cutter, HD25, 303-866-2582
Monica Duran, HD24, 303-866-5522
Daneya Esgar, HD46, 303-866-2968
Tony Exum, HD17, 303-866-3069
Meg Froelich, HD03, 303-866-2921
Rochelle Galindo, HD50, 303-866-2929
Alec Garnett, HD02, 303-866-2911
Tim Geitner, HD19, 303-866-2924
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, HD04, 303-866-2954
Matt Gray, HD33, 303-866-4667
Chris Hansen, HD06, 303-866-2967
Leslie Herod, HD08, 303-866-2959
Edie Hooton, HD10, 303-866-2915
Stephen Humphrey, HD48, 303-866-2943
Dominique Jackson, HD42, 303-866-3911
Sonya Jaquez Lewis, HD12, 303-866-2920
Chris Kennedy, HD23, 303-866-2951
Cathy Kipp, HD52, 303-866-4569
Tracy Kraft-Tharp, HD29, 303-866-2950
Lois Landgraf, HD21, 303-866-2946
Colin Larson, HD22, 303-866-2927
Kimmi Lewis, HD64, 303-866-2398
Larry Liston, HD16, 303-866-2937
Susan Lontine, HD01, 303-866-2966
Julie McCluskie, HD61, 303-866-2952
Hugh McKean, HD51, 303-866-2947
Barbara McLachlan, HD59, 303-866-2914
Jovan Melton, HD41, 303-866-2919
Dafna Michaelson Jenet, HD30, 303-866-2945
Kyle Mullica, HD34, 303-866-2931
Patrick Neville, HD45, 303-866-5523
Rod Pelton, HD65, 303-866-3706
Kim Ransom, HD44, 303-866-2933
Janice Rich, HD55, 303-866-3068
Dylan Roberts, HD26, 303-866-2923
Lori Saine, HD63, 303-866-2906
Shane Sandridge, HD14, 303-866-2965
Jonathan Singer, HD11, 303-866-2780
Emily Sirota, HD09, 303-866-2910
Marc Snyder, HD18, 303-866-2932
Matt Soper, HD54, 303-866-2583
Tom Sullivan, HD37, 303-866-5510
Kerry Tipper, HD28, 303-866-2939
Brianna Titone, HD27, 303-866-2962
Alex Valdez A., HD05, 303-866-2925
Donald Valdez D., HD62, 303-866-2916
Kevin Van Winkle, HD43, 303-866-2936
Mike Weissman, HD36, 303-866-2942
Dave Williams D., HD15, 303-866-5525
James Wilson, HD60, 303-866-2747
, HD57, 303-866-2949

Thank you!

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