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I Don’t Care By Benjamin Curtis

John wants to be able to head down to a local firearms retailer and purchase whatever weapon he so chooses. Robert and Dale want to be able to get married and have a cake made at a local bakery without judgement or belittlement. Jorge simply wants a better life, for himself and his family, and is willing to work himself to an early grave to do so.

I hear all of these things, either actively or through collective osmosis, and every time; every, single, time, I always have the same exact response. It’s not being lazy, it has been thoroughly considered and thought through. It’s not being cold, or callus, or heartless. It is a response full of more compassion and empowerment than many would realize. It is an honest response to honest problems, and it always seems to get me into hot water.

I don’t care. Three simple words. One simple statement. Endless potential to do amazing things in this world.

Back to John. John is an adult. He is an adult with a constitutional right to purchase a firearm. There are retailers that sell the firearm he seeks. Some others don’t, for whatever reason they wish, so John goes somewhere else. If he is able to pass the necessary, some would argue unnecessary and unconstitutional background checks and waiting periods, well,

I’m not sure exactly where my opinion, or yours, fits into the equation. Emotions, feelings, misgivings, exploitation news cycles, these are all things that have nothing to do with the situation at hand. So, I really don’t care if John wants to buy that AR. It’s his right.

The actions of Robert and Dale in the privacy of their home is their business, not ours. If they wish to pledge their love to each other with judges, lawyers and priests, more power to them. If they want to get wed by Dark Moon disciples wearing Stormtrooper helmets, sure, knock yourselves out. If they want a cake, they can get a cake. A good one. If the baker doesn’t want the job, they can find another baker. A good one. I challenge you to create any plausible scenario with the pieces involved and tell me how it would have changed a single thing about your day. I don’t care about Robert and Dale.

There seems to be a monumental, unbridgeable rift on immigration and border policy. Well, at least that is the narrative we have been presented. You are either for free and open borders or you want giant walls and a locked gate. Some would argue that Jorge should have done it the right way, the legal way, and the very fact that he is here makes him a criminal. It’s a valid argument, if not a bit flawed. Some would argue that Jorge ought to be allowed to live freely, unafraid of men in black coats coming for him and his family, and allowed the same opportunities as any other person in this country. Also a valid argument, if not a bit naive.

Dollars to dimes, though, I’d wager you are actually part of the vast majority of people somewhere in the middle. People living their lives and with more pressing matters to think about then whether ot not the hispanic family down the block has proper visa status. The attendant that sells him coffee six mornings a week isn’t concerned if he was able to pass a residency exam. What most of the people around him see is a hard working guy with a family. They see another person. Most people don’t care about Jorge, and Jorge is the better for it.

There are so many examples and you can find them everywhere. You can find them in your everyday life. Times, situations, ideas, policies, from both sides of the aisle, from neither side of it, it doesn’t matter. If more people were flippant, if more people didn’t care, we could create enlightenment. We could spend our time discussing things that actually matter, things that affect us all, things that truly threaten our rights and our lives.

I don’t care, and you know, in a different world, maybe you wouldn’t either.

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