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Following the 2018 Libertarian National Convention, it is quite apparent the impact that Colorado has had on the Libertarian Party. The new National committee of the party is now represented by 3 people that have previously held officer positions in the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

This is a testament to the work that Colorado has done over the years to grow the party in the state and the impact it has had on national Libertarian politics.

Nicholas Sarwark (Former Vice-Chairman of the LPCO)

In a stunning upset, Nicholas Sarwark was reelected as the chairman of the Libertarian Party by a 65% vote total.

Sarwark faced a tough challenge from Joshua Smith, a newcomer to national Libertarian politics, but his experience and tenacity paid off in the end with a large backing of delegate support.

Sarwark has overseen one of the most successful Libertarian campaign season in history with the 2016 Presidential election. He has gathered the respect of many party faithful and that showed today as they threw their support to him.

Caryn Ann Harlos (Former Communications Director of the LPCO)

Caryn Ann Harlos previously served as the communications director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and represented Region 1 on the Libertarian National Committee. It can be safe to say that Caryn Ann is one of the hardest working Libertarians committing a great portion of her time to preserve the Party’s history and working with affiliates all across the country to better advance the goals of the party and ideology.

Caryn Ann was soundly elected on first ballot by the delegates to serve as the next secretary of the LNC where she will take her talents to the national level and provide valuable insight to the LNC.

Richard Longstreth (Former Vice Chairman of the LPCO)

Richard Longstreth previously served on the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Board of Directors from 2014 through 2018. During that time he first served as the Regions Director, revamping our county recruitment efforts, then Campaigns Director, and finally as Vice Chair.

Richard also ran a successful 2016 campaign for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, breaking records in the district for vote totals and percentages.

Richard was elected at the Regional Caucus meeting at the National Libertarian Convention and will surely be an effective advocate for the Region given his years of service in Colorado and just beginning his service in Arizona.

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