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The Libertarian Party of Colorado is against the proposed “White Roof Mandate” in Denver. This mandate will increase energy costs as a A 2011 experiment conducted by Ashley-McGraw Architects, PC and CDH Energy Corp in New York (ASHRAE Zone 5) concluded that in northern climates, dark-colored roofing is more energy efficient than white roofing. In addition, when heating and cooling costs are examined, dark-colored roofs are more cost-effective for buildings in northern climates. The study found that the thermal heat loss of white roofing is 30% higher than black EPDM during the heating season, and that the heating penalty of a white roof exceeded the cooling benefit in northern climates.

In addition, two independent studies conducted by roof consultants’ show that EPDM provides very good resistance to damage from the hail storms that are predominant in Denver. Prominent construction materials manufacturer Carlisle’s experience has also shown that certain white plastic-based sheets do not perform as well in severe hail storms, especially as they age and become less resilient. They recently replaced a hail damaged 15 year old white TPO roof on their our own building in Wylie, TX with an EPDM roof. Roofing magazine featured the use of EPDM in this Denver Airport Hail article. Ballasted EPDM roofs are also known to provide excellent hail damage resistance as evidenced in the Denver market.

Moreover, mandating building owners to use a certain product is not only a violation of their property rights but a form of crony capitalism to favor politically influential businesses over others. This is in direct opposition to our party’s current platform as follows:

2.1 Property and Contract

“As respect for property rights is fundamental to maintaining a free and prosperous society, it follows that the freedom to contract to obtain, retain, profit from, manage, or dispose of one’s property must also be upheld. Libertarians would free property owners from government restrictions on their rights to control and enjoy their property, as long as their choices do not harm or infringe on the rights of others. Eminent domain, civil asset forfeiture, governmental limits on profits, governmental production mandates, and governmental controls on prices of goods and services (including wages, rents, and interest) are abridgements of such fundamental rights. For voluntary dealings among private entities, parties should be free to choose with whom they trade and set whatever trade terms are mutually agreeable.”

For these reasons the Libertarian Party of Colorado is 100% against the proposed White Roof Mandate in Denver.

Yours Truly in Liberty,

The Board of the Libertarian Party of Colorado

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lance Cayko at 303.775.7406 or email at CommunicationsDirector@LPColorado.org.

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