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Dear Fellow Libertarian:

The high and unpredictable cost of healthcare is one of the biggest problems in America. As Libertarians, we recognize the hand of government in creating this problem and look forward to the day when we will have a free market in healthcare that will deliver the same high customer service we experience in other areas of our lives. But until that day arrives, we should consider steps to reduce the problem.

At its meeting on May 14th, the Board of the Libertarian Party of Colorado heard a presentation from the founder of, an organization that is promoting a ballot initiative requiring health care providers and insurers to publish prices and billing procedures. The ballot initiative follows the failure of similar legislation to pass during Colorado’s 2018 legislative session.

The Board has decided to endorse this initiative as a step in the direction of creating transparent prices and a true free market in healthcare. Therefore, the Libertarian Party will be assisting in gathering signatures to put this proposal on the November 2018 ballot. Copies of the ballot initiative will be available for signature at LP outreach booths and through your local LP affiliates. You may also see representatives of soliciting signatures at local fairs and other events. The Board urges LP members to sign the ballot initiative and to help gather signatures from outside the party.

We look forward to putting this important proposal before the voters of Colorado. The Board feels that this is a good way to help Coloradans today while building towards a better and freer future.

Yours Truly in Liberty,

The Board of the Libertarian Party of Colorado

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