Libertarian Book Exchange

For our 2017 State Convention (get tickets here) we will be collecting books from fellow Libertarians to supplement our supply of giveaway books to include in our swag bags to All Access ticket holders and any extras will be out on the Party information table to share and share alike. Nearly all of us have books in our library that we would have read or are holding onto that could be of interest and use to other Libertarians. Here is your opportunity to share the book love, and maybe there will be one that you would like to pick up to read. There are two ways you can be involved:

First, please BUY AN ALL ACCESS PASS. Your bag will contain either a new book from our collection or an item lovingly donated by a fellow Libertarian.

Second, donate your Libertarian books to pass along the love. You can bring to Convention, to our next Board meeting, to Liberty on the Rocks, or contact for other opportunities.


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