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January 10, 2017


The Libertarian Party of Colorado Meets This March for their Annual Convention

Denver, CO: Please join us March 24th- 26th 2017 at the Westin Westminster as the Libertarian Party of Colorado builds on a record shattering 2016! The fun starts Friday evening at the Westin’s “Lake House” where we will be holding a casino night complete with a live band. Saturday kicks off at 8:30 AM in the Standley Ballroom, where the Libertarian Party’s Vice Chair Arvin Vohra will deliver the keynote address before delving into Party business sessions followed by workshops on everything from Party history, fundraising and campaigning; to social media and alternate voting systems. The evening will conclude with our main event including a banquet and a roundtable discussion on various topics of interest in the effective and motivated liberty movement.

The Libertarian Party was founded in Colorado Springs in 1971 by David Nolan and a group of friends who were concerned about the socialist direction the Democratic party was taking, while simultaneously being alarmed at the lack of fiscal responsibility being shown by the Republicans. In 2016 the party celebrated it’s 45th anniversary, cementing its status as the fastest growing political party in America and steaming forward in its vision for “a world set free in our lifetimes.”

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