Issues Advocacy Exploratory Committee

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is seeking applicants for its newly created Issues Advocacy Exploratory Committee.  The purpose of this Committee is to consider and research  current issues of Libertarian concern in which the LPCO can potentially make a difference in order to make recommendations to the Board of areas to which they should consider committing Party time and resources over the next several years.  Several issues were put forth as candidates at the meeting such as repealing the death penalty in Colorado and advocating for alternative voting methods to achieve electoral reform.

Committee Size: Five members, two of which shall be Board members, and the remaining three members will be appointed from applicants drawn from the general Party membership
Committee Chair: Selected by the Committee
Committee Time Period: The Committee shall be appointed on December 12, 2016 and its final recommendations to the Board shall be due on March 12, 2016
Committee Meeting Frequency: To be determined by Committee

Would you like to serve in this way?  Please submit your interest to Caryn Ann Harlos, with a brief summary of your qualifications and reasons for wishing to serve.  This is an exciting opportunity to potentially help shape targeted advocacy efforts of your Libertarian Party.

Attention Student Libertarians!

If you are interested in ways that you can start up student Libertarian activism groups on your campus please contact Marie Cochran,, for more information.

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