Lily Tang Williams for U.S. Senate

Author: Eva Kosinski
Publication: Daily Camera
Date: 11/01/16

Some of you have already voted, but for those still researching their choices, I highly recommend taking a look at Lily Tang Williams for U.S. Senate. is her website and Lily4Liberty is her Facebook site. You will not find another individual in the state more intent on making sure government protects the rights and freedoms of the people of Colorado

Raised in China under Mao, Lily knew starvation and hopelessness under centralized power. She worked hard to get to the U.S. (here 28 years, a citizen 20 of them) and is determined to ensure that the American dream will be available for all of our people.

Boulder has long been a supporter of international awareness and cooperation. I can’t think of a better way to ensure that we have someone who understands China in the U.S. Senate than to vote for Lily.

Daryl Glenn has some local experience, but a spotty track record on protecting property rights. Our sitting senator is being financed by deep-pocket financiers and big corporate interests (see, those folks we hate to see controlling the people who represent us. Will he really put our interests first? Perhaps. Lily most definitely will. She has also taken a pledge that she will limit herself to two terms, to ensure that she does not fall victim to beltway influence.

This is a year of hard choices, but choosing Lily is not one of them.

Eva Kosinski


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