Wayne HarlosChair: Wayne Harlos

Contact: wayne@harlosrealestateteam.com

Wayne is a native of Colorado and after being a Republican for many years, finally realized that no party other than the Libertarian Party stands for the freedoms that our country was founded on. Wayne is the Chair of the Douglas County Development Group with a goal of “spreading the word.” He has a significant passion for gaining liberty for the residents of the State. Wayne has been a Real Estate Broker for 30 years with the last 25 in Castle Rock where he now resides. “My goal is to reduce the size and effect of government in all of our lives.”

Vice-Chair: Mike O’Shea

Contact: mboshea@gmail.com


Treasurer: Beatriz Sutton

Contact: board@lpdc.org

Beatriz_Sutton.jpgBeatriz moved to Parker, Colorado in 2009 after living all over the western states. She had identified as a Libertarian since the early 90’s while living in California.  The principle of limited governments and personal freedoms attracted her to the party. Fed up with the direction that the 2016 election was going she started attending the monthly meetings for the LP Douglas County group. She happily volunteered to help the group become affiliated and was voted in as treasurer.  Her time is spent at work in the accounting field along with raising two amazing kids with her awesome husband, John.  “Live and let live” is her favorite motto and she spreads this message as much as she can.

Secretary: Caryn Ann Harlos

Contact: carynannharlos@gmail.com

Caryn Ann is the 17th and current secretary of the Libertarian National Committee. Prior to her election to the LNC in 2018, she served in various positions within the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and as representative of Region 1 to the LNC. In 2020, she was elected to fill the vacant seat of LPDC Secretary.


Membership Director: Brandon Erickson

Contact: brandon.m.s.erickson@gmail.com

Brandon has been libertarian minded since reading The Road to Serfdom in 2005. The idea that government should do less was hammered home for him after seeing all kinds of insanity by living in 6 states over a 10 year period. In 2015 Brandon finally stopped rotating around the country, and settled in Colorado where he grew up. Being somewhere long enough to actually learn his own address has allowed Brandon the time to get involved with LP, where he hopes to help people learn that there can be more than just two options for all political choices.

Communications Director: VACANT

Outreach Director: Sean Vadney

Contact: seanvadney.lp@gmail.com

Sean was born and raised in Colorado, residing in Douglas County for most of his life. Dabbling in both socialist and conservative political philosophies during middle and high school, he finally found his political home after discovering Ron Paul and preregistered with the Libertarian Party on his 16th birthday. Initially volunteering with the LPDC during the 2016 election, he returned to the scene in 2019 where he ran for Outreach Director in hopes of being able to better promote and advance the philosophy of libertarianism. Sean is a strong believer in individualism and opposes government intervention that tends to stifle, rather than supplement, the economic, social, and personal wellbeing of citizens.

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