Schedule of Events

This page subject to change as events are confirmed.

Hall Main Room Room A Room B Ballroom
Friday, May 21
7:30 PM Welcome Reception:
Speaker – Jo Jorgensen
Anaerobic Jazz Band
Saturday, May 22
8:00 AM Registration Open
Exhibit Setup
Association of Libertarian Editors – Tara DiSisto
9:00 AM Opening Speakers:
Welcome – Victoria ReynoldsPresenting a Ballot Initiative – Margot Herzl
9:30 AM Business:
State of the State/Board Reports – Victoria Reynolds
10:00 AM Business:
Reports/Platform – Caryn Ann Harlos
Tenth Amendment Center – Michael Bolden
11:00 AM

The Two Sides of Freedom: Liberty and Responsibility (and what that means for the Libertarian Party) – Christopher Thrasher

12:00 PM Lunch:
Enough Already – Scott Horton – Introduced by Josh Lallament
1:00 PM Opening Speaker:
Consensus Building – Laura Ebke
Issues Seminar TBA
1:30 PM Business:
Plain Language – Dr. Barbra Kingsley
2:00 PM Business:
Review Bylaws/ Constitution – BetteRose Ryan
United We Stand – Kim Green
3:00 PM Voluntarism – Tasha Cohen
4:00 PM Outright Libertarians – Ashley Shade Training Seminar TBA
5:00 PM Open Discussion  
6:00 PM  
6:30 PM Cocktails  
7:30 PM Banquet:
7:45 PM Banquet:
Awards – BetteRose Ryan
8:30 PM Banquet:
Speaker – Spike Cohen – Introduced by Victoria Reynolds
9:15 PM Fundraising:
Auction – Joe Johnson and Eric Mulder
11:00 PM See you tomorrow!
Sunday, May 23
8:00 AM Breakfast:
What it Feels Like to Win – Marshall Burt
9:00 AM Business:
C&B – C&B Committee
Frontier Project – Apollo Pazel
10:00 AM Business:
Board Elections – Victoria Reynolds
Political Vertigo – Dennis Hough
10:30 AM Business:
Election Integrity – Douglas Bruce
10:40 AM Business:
Board Elections – Victoria Reynolds
11:00 AM Unschooling – Amanda Muell
12:00 PM Break for Lunch – TANSTAAFL
1:00 PM Closing:
 Jo Jorgensen
2:00 PM New Board Meets
2:15 PM See you next year!

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