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The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs is the home of the 2020 LPCO Convention.  This beautiful, historic hotel is located at 526 Pine Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado  81601.  There are special room rates for convention attendees and their guests.

The Hotel Colorado opened in 1893.  Over the last century, it has hosted many lavish events, dignitaries, and even some shady figures.   You will roam the same halls that Presidents Theodore Roosevelt (the name “teddy bear” was coined here) and William H. Taft, “the unsinkable” Molly Brown, and Al Capone frequented.   Maybe you’ll experience some spooky sightings while you’re here!  The rooms aren’t cookie-cutter like modern hotels.  Instead, they retain some of the quirks of a bygone era.  There are many room types from which to choose – from a one queen standard, up to posh, multi-room suites.

If your stay only encompasses the time frame between Thursday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 5th, you may use the online booking tool.  If you wish to check in earlier, or check out later, please call the Hotel Colorado at 800-544-3998 to reserve your room.  Make sure to reference the Libertarian Party of Colorado group.  We look forward to seeing you!

The Hotel Colorado has generously given us discounted rates on ALL their rooms.  The highlighted rooms below are our recommendations.  Descriptions and sample photos of all rooms are available here.

Room Type Standard Rate Convention Rate
Classic King $169 $119
Classic Single Queen $169 $119
Classic Double Queen $189 $119
Classic Family Room (3 beds) $219 $169
Premier Parlor Suite Queen $199 $149
Premier Parlor Suite King $199 $149
Premier Parlor Suite Double Queen $219 $169
Premier Family Room $269 $219
Balcony Suite $269 $219
Superior Two Bedroom Suite $269 $219
Ambassador Suite $219 $169
Executive Suite $289 $239
Roosevelt Suite $319 $269
Bell Tower Suite $369 $319
Molly Brown Suite $519 $469

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