Libertarian Party of Colorado Voters Guide for Colorado State Wide Amendments and Proposals – Approved by the Libertarian Party of Colorado Board of Directors.

Amendment V, Assembly age – Support – Vote Yes

In the interest of upholding free, fair and open a ballot access, and in alignment with the libertarian principles, the Libertarian Party of Colorado supports this measure to change the age requirement from 25 to 21.

Amendment W, Election Ballot Format for Judicial Retention Elections-Support – Vote Yes

Amendment X, Industrial Hemp Definition- Oppose- Vote No

While well intentioned, the Libertarian Party of Colorado opposes this measure on the ground of upholding state autonomy in the definition, not to be bound by the whims and changing of language or definitions by the Federal Government.

Amendment Y and Z- Congressional and Legislative Redistricting- Oppose- Vote No

(Denver Post – Y and Z Exclude Third Parties ) by Michael Lopez

Amendments Y and Z exclude third parties and would only seek to benefit the status quo of the broken two party system.

Amendment A- Prohibit Slavery and Involuntary Servitude in All Circumstances-Support-Vote Yes

Our punitive justice system prohibits reparations to the victims of crimes. Until we have a restorative justice system, this measure will decrease the instances of force abuse by the State

Amendment 73 Funding for Public Schools- Oppose – Vote No

This is a tax increase and measure that breeds the growth of government, fiscal irresponsibility and the abuse of the tax payer.

Amendment 74 Just Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government Law or Regulation- Support – Vote Yes

The Libertarian Party of Colorado supports this measure because when the government takes an action against a property owner or owner of mineral rights, and those persons are negatively affected, they should be compensated. Since it is a government regulation that causes harm, the government should have to repay those injured parties. This will help fight zoning and blighting law abuse, forcing governments to use emanant domain, so the property owner wins.

Amendment 75 Constitutional Campaign Contributions- Support -Vote Yes

The Libertarian Party of Colorado supports this measure. While not perfect it attempts to level the playing field and prevent undue influence. The best way to eliminate money in politics is to eliminate the control and influence of the elected by eliminating the size and scope of government.

Proposition 109 Statutory Authorize Bonds for Transportation Projects-Support Vote Yes

While not perfect and any fiscally responsible individual would question loans, this is the best option for transportation improvement, without tax increase or the schemes of seeking more revenue streams. This hold the Elected State Legislators accountable to do their job and use existing revenues to cover the cost.

Proposition 110 Transportation Funding – Oppose Vote No

The Libertarian Party of Colorado opposes this because it increases taxes and costs to Colorado unnecessarily when there is already adequate funding in the budget to address these issues. This will funnel more money from the State to the County level, not encouraging fiscal responsibility on the County parts. 110 Adds several bureaucratic positions and is very ambiguous. There is no cap on amount to be spent.

Proposition 111- Payday loans – Oppose Vote No

The Libertarian Party of Colorado does not support this as it is an arbitrary price control and the government should not be in the business of price controlling the economy. This is freedom of association, private enterprise, freedom of contract, and voluntary exchanges.

Proposition 112 Setback Requirement for Oil and Gas Development- Oppose- Vote No

The Libertarian Party of Colorado opposes this measure on the basis of upholding property rights. This proposal would limit property rights including mineral rights.

If you have questions about any of these issues, please email Michael Stapleton, our Legislative Director.

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