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For Immediate Release: 2/15/2023

Contact: Jordan Marinovich, LPColorado Communications Director

Email: or via phone 228-365-4538 (Text or voice)

Contact: Wayne Harlos, State Chair

Email: or via phone 303-837-9393 (Text or voice)


Coloradans usually get to see some media coverage of the two major parties’ state conventions, but there is another one that happens annually they may not have heard about: That of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

On April 1 & 2, 2023, registered Libertarians in Colorado will gather to elect new officers, vote on proposed changes in the Party’s Bylaws and Platform for the next year, as well as hear interesting Libertarian speakers examining how to promote more liberty and less government in the state. There will be training sessions, candidate debates, officer elections, and much fellowship. Individuals of all affiliations are welcome!

For more information, readers may visit the Libertarian Party of Colorado convention website and see the full convention schedule:

Attendance is free for anyone during the business sessions.

We hope to see any and all Coloradans there!

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Individuals seeking more information about the Libertarian Party of Colorado and how to get involved can visit:

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is the state chapter of the nationally-organized Libertarian Party.  Formed in 1971, the Libertarian Party is now the nation’s third largest political party.  Libertarians advocate for the elimination of many government programs and the abolition of all unconstitutional laws.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is always seeking new volunteers and donors to help promote the Libertarian vision of a nation at peace with frugal and tiny local, state, and federal governments that all refrain from interfering in the lives of peaceful individuals.

To receive more information about Libertarian activities in Colorado, click here.

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Peaceful Commerce With All Nations * Noninterventionism * Repeal Prohibition * End Government Intrusion In The Bedroom * Repeal All Gun Laws * Taxpayer Bailout: Repeal The Income Tax * Sound, Free-market Money & Abolish The Fed * End Corporate & Individual Welfare * Abolish The IRS * Eliminate all Meddling in Health Care * Privatize Transportation Infrastructure * Free-market Emergency Services * Minimally-regulated Migration * Transfer Government Schools To The Private Sector * Eliminate Regulation




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