Aron Lam elected as Libertarian Mayor of Keenesburg, CO

For Immediate Release: 11/20/2022

Contact: Jordan Marinovich


Keenesburg, CO – Aron Lam, Libertarian Party of Colorado candidate for the mayoral race in Keenesburg, CO, won a decisive victory in general election held on November 8th, 2022. Aron received 60.3% of the vote, according to the latest numbers posted to the Weld County election website (

Aron will be sworn in as Keenesburg’s new Mayor on December 5th, 2022 and serve a four-year term. Upon his victory, Aron thanked the great citizens of Keenesburg for their vote of confidence, “I am very pleased that the people of Keenesburg responded to my call-to-action to elect me and my allied board members to “Save Keenesburg.””

Aron’s aspirations to run for mayor of Keenesburg spurred from his organization, Save Keenesburg ( “I feel compelled to run for Mayor in order to save Keenesburg from becoming the sprawl that is Aurora or Reunion” states Aron on the Save Keenesburg website. “My goal is simple, to keep the wonderful small town community feel that we have while thoughtfully planning and growing towards our town’s future.” (

We encourage citizens of Keenesburg to reach out to their new mayor via the Save Keenesburg website ( or the contact info below:

ARON LAM,, 303-704-3266


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