Petition Rights Amendment – Build the Party

Dear Libertarian,

Here is your best chance ever to build our party, its budget, and its mission — a petition to fix the CO petition process itself. The website is Petition Rights Amendment is short and simple–what it does, why it is needed. Fifteen Facts: become expert. Flier: show main points. Petitioner Tips: be more efficient. PRA allows yearly petitions on any subject— taxes, gun rights, property rights, privacy, election integrity, ending masks, illegal “emergencies,” etc. Stop secret plans for Critical Race Theory, gender “selection” for children, anti-American school propaganda, and other crazy ideas.

When PRA passes, you can petition any November to state or local governments. Petitions will grow. Your freedom will bloom. Your children and friends will thank you.

Get paid to defend your rights! Get 300+ valid entries weekly, be paid $300+. EARN A BONUS: get 500+ entries weekly and be paid $750+. DON’T WAIT; we need 200,000 entries. Average 15-20 signers hourly or 300+ weekly for four months. No tax withholding. START NOW.

SIGN UP at the website, OR email Contact Us on its home page (proof read your message), and we will reply; OR phone (719) 550-0010 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST. Leave your phone number with area code TWICE, SLOWLY. Assign your earnings to the LP or other group and owe no tax.

Earn $10,000+ by July 4th. It’s easy, but BORING. Store exiters may say “too busy.” Don’t take it personally; keep going. Aim for 100+ entries a day. Be patient. The job is easy, but vital.

Check TODAY. What do you have to lose? Email:

Wayne Harlos, CO state chair, Libertarian Party

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