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LITTLETON: “Late on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022, Russian troops launched a much-anticipated attack on Ukraine,” said Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Vice – Chair Hannah Goodman.  “Tensions have been mounting for months.  President Vladimir Putin was shockingly bold, stating that any outside involvement would lead to ‘consequences you have never seen.’”

“Such a brazen attack across borders has upset the delicate balance in Eastern Europe.  Putin justified his actions stating that ‘Russia can’t stay idle on the eastward expansion of NATO near the Russian border,’ and claimed that ‘the US and our allies have ignored Russia’s demands to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO,” Goodman continued.

“Russian actions have resulted in loss of life, violation of an internationally-recognized border, and created even more tension and conflict in the area.  Russia has now embroiled itself and other nations in a full-scale war. Ukraine has stated dozens have already lost their lives as casualties of Russian action, both soldiers, and civilians have been killed.  Already many counties are poised to strike.  Already the US has deployed troops into the region, as well sanctions imposed on Russia. We have been told by the Biden Administration that ‘no US troops will fight in Ukraine’, but the crisis has prompted waves of deployments of troops to the region,” said Goodman.

We Libertarians are appalled and condemn the despicable aggression, subversion, and subjugation of Ukraine by the Russian government – as well as by NATO – since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The contest to see who can be the biggest bully between Russia, and the west has made Ukrainians being used as nothing more than pawns in a tug-of-war.  The only thing it has resulted in is the loss of Ukrainian life, property, economic impoverishment, and their right to self-determination.  It has also destroyed Americans’ ability to have true peace, friendship, commerce with Ukraine, and other nations around the globe.i

The LPCO platform is clear: We condemn any country invading the borders of another, we are against any military intervention around the world, and we support the US leaving NATO.  We do not support acts of aggression especially on the world stage of nations, every country has their right to autonomy. The Libertarian Party has always been opposed to military intervention around the world since its founding as clearly outlined in the party platform.ii  NATO and its allies are now on standby for potential military action.  We call on the US government to withdraw from this alliance, and this situation.  

To summarize from libertarian philosopher Murray Rothbard “All government wars are unjust.”


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i For a better understanding of the Ukrainian crisis see:

ii For more on our platform:

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