Veteran Assaulted and Deprived Care by Saguache, Colorado Police

                 For Immediate Release: 12/16/2021


Contact: Joshua Lallement


Contact: Wayne Harlos



Phone: (303)837-9393


Veteran Assaulted and Deprived Care by Saguache, Colorado Police


Littleton- On Friday, December 10th, 2021 Adam Kokesh, libertarian activist, and combat veteran was arrested in Saguache County Colorado.  Mr. Kokesh’s arm was nearly broken during the altercation by the Center Police Department.  Once at the County jail, he was deprived medical attention, not even x-raysfor twenty-four hours.  Only after a deluge of calls to the jail did the Sheriff relent to have him examined by a nurse.  Along with the longtime Libertarian Party of Colorado friend and ally, Mr. Kokesh’s two dogs were stolen and taken into custody where they were forced to stay outside in the freezing Rocky Mountain winter.  The police report remains unavailable.


Mr. Kokesh was to appear before the court Monday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 15, 2021 on charges related to psilocybin mushrooms, which the combat marine uses for his PTSD.  Mr. Kokesh refused to appear before the judge or bond out of jail until he receives his stolen property and an apology from the police for his treatment.  Family and supporters were allowed to call into the proceedings and the judge was taken off guard by the number of people who called in to listen.


It is wrong to take anyone’s medicine and property from them.  Arresting peaceful people who have committed no transgression against anyone, stealing their property and withholding medical care is an abomination.  Sadly, this happens not only to a combat veteran but every day to countless free, independent human beings transforming America from a land of justice into a landof mandates and punishment.


Email and respectfully ask them to do the right thing. Reference case no. 2021CR80. The judge will review your requests prior to Adam’s trial on Wednesday December, 22nd 2021 at 1 pm.


To contact the jail where Mr. Kokesh is being held, call Saguache Co. Sheriff’s Department at 719-655-2544.


To contact the arresting officer Cristian Guaderrama, contact Center Police at 719-754-2544.


The Libertarian Party of Colorado, with great respect, stands by the 2020 Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States and Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh’s character and his demands of the Saguache County to apologize for their behavior and return of his stolen property.  We also would like to extend a huge thank you to Adam for not only standing up for himself but every person in America who dares to peacefully live their lives and exercise their self-ownership as a bench mark of the beginning of the end to the war on drugs, mandates and every other victimless crime.


For more on Adam Kokesh and his work check out his website


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