Infamy 20 years later!

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    The September 11 2001 Terrorist Attacks


LittletonThe horrendous terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred twenty years ago this Saturday. A day  that will live in infamy or have we allowed it to fade away into obscurity?

To help us keep the memory and learn the lessons of those lost that day.  As well the loss of our civil liberties through the guise of things from the Patriot Act and national security excuse, the twenty-year war on terror in Afghanistan and beyond that just brought even greater loss of life and destruction. We did some reflection with Afghan war veteran, Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County Chairman and Aurora, Colorado resident Eric Mulder on his thoughts on twenty years since 9/11.  “I was 10 years old when 9-11 happened.  I was twenty when I deployed to Afghanistan, and the US didn’t leave until I was thirty.  In that time the US government has killed more innocent people than who died on 9-11 and it hasn’t brought the world any closer to ending terrorism.”

What his thoughts are of the end of the war in Afghanistan coinciding with the 9/11 attacks twenty years later. “Most of us who deployed there knew going in that the government the US was propping up over there was corrupt and inept at best. It was still very shocking to watch it collapse that fast.  The first people I felt the worst for were the interpreters: they knew helping the US would mean certain death if the Taliban ever caught them, the US promised them safety in exchange for their help.  So many got left behind and that tells the rest of the world to never trust the United States when it asks you for help.”

As to what lessons that we as a country can learn so the memory of those lost and 9-11 can live in infamy Mr. Mulder concluded.  “The War on Terrorism is conceptually a broken and unwinnable objective: terrorism is an ideological construct, not a tangible enemy. A war against a perpetual concept such as terrorism or drugs always turns into a war of attrition, and any veteran who has read Sun Tzu’s Art of War knows that wars of attrition always favor the insurgent.”

The Libertarian Party of Colorado would like to send our condolences and a moment of silence to those lost, their family and friends of 9-11. As well to those lost in the aftermath of  that day and to everyone as they go through all the emotions of where they were that day. Let us also remember in these current times as Dr. Ron Paul steadfastly highlighted the realities of blowback(the reasons that we were attacked), consequences of waging endless war, and policing of the world all the while with the loss of our liberties at the hands of our own government. We conclude with this.  The greatest enemy to freedom is not to be found in the sands of some far-off place, but rather right here at home.

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