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A very important meeting will be happening in Monument, Colorado tomorrow evening (Monday, January 4th) that could effect El Paso County and the entire state of Colorado. You must take action now! It literally holds the future of all our businesses in one simple vote. Below you will find the legal authority under the CISA Memorandum that actually states that local athorities can legally deem all business essential. This is a game changer. We needed the legal proof. Now we have it and they can’t refute it. We need you to email immediately and call into that meeting tomorrow evening and state you do not want them to pass their Garfield County Type Resolution. It only opens some businesses. Not all. Once again it also gives the state jurisdiction. State that All businesses are essential. Please read my open letter below that’s attached to this email. It explains everything in great detail and why this vote is different.

If they pass the Garfield County Language in Monument the next place is El Paso County and then approximately 25-26 more counties could follow almost immediately with the same language. It’s already being put into place and those conversations have already happened. Once again, this resolution does not create a real solution for hard working Coloradans. It still keeps some of us closed and allows others to open. We cannot allow this to happen when they do have the authority to open everyone up for business, they just don’t understand that yet because the CISA Memorandum has been hidden from officials and citizens alike. We must convince them to not take the Garfield County Resolution letter and not concede to being under the purvue of the CDPHE, the state and the county health departments.

To find out more information as this develops, please text Kim M. Green at 719-231-5715 with your email and name and I will keep you updated on what is happening in this situation. I will never use your email for anything other than pertininent correspondance. Your name and contact information will be kept completely confidential. Thanks so much for helping!

Please copy and paste the following email and send it to the following recipients. If you can attend the meeting, that information is also below in RED on how to participate. Even if you do not live in Monument, contact them anyway. One of the trustees has been talking with local officials all over the state and is trying to get this passed in El Paso County and other regions. This vote does affect you.;;;;;;;;;

Dear Honorable Mayor and Board of Trustees,

It has come to my attention that Resolution Language is being drafted to open only some businesses in Monument and that it is being passed around to other counties as well. I adamantly oppose the Garfield County Language which still only deems some businesses essential. Under the CISA Homeland Security Memorandum, it gives local authorities the right to deem ALL businesses essential. The policy you are writing is a great start, but now that you know you have the legal authority to open all businesses, as citizens we request you use that authority. This is the legal standing you have all been waiting for. Save our homes, our livelihoods and our town.



Board of Trustees Regular Meeting – Monday, January 4, 2021 – 6:30 pm: Options for Remote Public Participation: a. To listen by telephone 1-844-992-4726 (access Code: 126 996 5393. b. To connect Digitally via cell phone or computer as an Attendee Please follow the link no less than 30 minutes before the event to register. Registering will require some basic information, name, address and email. Once registered you will be sent additional information on how and to connect. During public comment, attendees can “raise their hands” digitally to comment via connected devices.

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From: Kim Green
Sent: Sunday, January 3, 2021 9:47 PM
To: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>
Subject: Important Legal Update – Amendment Language For Resolution On Essential Business Openings

Dear Honorable Mayor and Monument Board Of Trustees,

This is my formal statement opposing the language as written for the Essential Business Opening Resolution. I would ask the Monument Board of Trustees to direct the Committee chosen to write an Essential Business Resolution to look at updated information in order to rewrite and change the intent of the promoted Resolution. I am requesting you amend the proposed resolution language that would deem only certain Monument businesses essential under the County Health Department and replace it with language that states ALL businesses are essential. Below, I will go into further detail with governmental documents on how you can do so legally and legitimately without fear of reprisal from the state. If any of you are available, I would request a meeting on Wednesday, January 6th at 1 pm to go over some of these details and my thoughts on possible language.

In order to protect Monument Citizens & Businesses, I would like to not only propose, but assist in writing a more direct and permanent solution where all businesses are deemed essential and may open overnight. With actual legal grounds and not wishful thinking. Again, my solution is backed with legal documentation to support my claims. I have also outlined why I oppose the resolution as it is currently being discussed and believe, as Trustees, you should open your community for all.

Last night, it was my honor to attend a meeting where Trustee Clark was informing us of a committee that had been created to write this resolution. In her statements she shared the Monument Board of Trustees appointed a committee that is in the process of writing and passing this resolution in the very near future. The first meeting happening Monday, January 4th in the evening. I was very appreciative of her speaking during the meeting sharing what the Monument Trustees are doing and updating everyone. I applaud all of you for trying to resolve this issue and taking a stance in this matter. I realize that the meeting to discuss this is tomorrow, Monday evening. Please do take my offer and email into consideration and reconsider taking any language forward that gives keeps some businesses closed.

Trustee Clark did share some of the potential language which on the surface seems like a good idea, but ultimately will be quite limiting and detrimental in its future impact to the City of Monument and other communities that would try to follow in its footsteps. Ultimately, it will tie your hands and there is no going back from that. In light of what other communities and counties are starting to do, which is allow all businesses to open freely, we had a discussion where many of the meeting attendees agreed that a resolution should be passed that deemed ALL businesses essential. Reopening fully is being discussed all across the state at this time by local legislators. Not just partially reopening, but fully reopening with legal authority. Please don’t lock yourself into limitations by taking a pre-emptive stance right before things change towards a complete opening. Some of which are only just a few short weeks away.

I also appreciated Trustee Clark for her words where she assured us that she would take this new proposed idea of language that all businesses be designated essential and suggest it to the Board of Trustees and Committee. We did not get a chance to discuss this further because she had to leave, but I would be open to setting up a time to meet with each of you this coming week to discuss what can be done in Monument.

So you know who I am and that I am very sincere, please let me introduce myself. My name is Kim Green and I have been volunteering as a political advisor to various activists and legislators for the past 20 years writing, passing and killing legislation. You will find my legislative accomplishments at the end of this email so you know that the policy I propose is based on years of experience and knowledge in the legislative system. The policy I propose can work. I hope you will entertain my involvement based on that experience and new insight that I bring to the table.

Based on years of experience with policy, it is imperative that you do not pass this resolution as promoted. The Garfield County and now Monument style of policy which acquiesces the cities authority to the county health department and CDPHE will set things in motion that other communities will then be pressured to follow. Please do not allow this to happen.

In Weld County, they have opened fully, not because they are a home rule county, but because they have followed the National State of Emergency policy put forward through Homeland Security. This is the policy the state of Colorado has to follow because they are under fiduciary obligation through the Cares Stimulus Act. Once the state of Colorado entered into that fiduciary relationship, they were obligated to follow NEA or National Executive Authority. Under Homeland Security, certain businesses were deemed essential, with a caveat. That caveat being state, county and local officials could deem what businesses were and were not essential in their communities. The memorandum also gave complete power to local officials to deem ALL businesses essential under local authority. Under the Homeland Security’s CISA Memorandum, which I have attached and highlighted, authority was given to the state, county and individual communities to decide for themselves what was and was not essential thereby bypassing the State of Colorado’s demands that all businesses close. Purvue was given to communities in the CISA Memorandum as well as the state. Not just the state. You do have authority to reopen immediately.

Many county commissioners have also been afraid of losing state money if they did not comply with CDPHE. I am still researching the implications, but it could be incredible news for counties that have always been blackmailed into submission. If my understanding is correct, this past year a precedent was set where the federal government could not punish a state for noncompliance by withholding 100% of federal funding from that state. SCOTUS stated that the federal government could withhold a percentage of funds that was less than 20%, from that department, but no other department could be harmed within the noncompliant state. In light of this new SCOTUS ruling, if it is comparable, this should set precedent where the state cannot blackmail counties or cities through fiscal control any longer.

There are other legal arguments as to why essential businesses should not be shuttered at this time and it is based on the governmental policy which County Commissioner Scott James has done extensive research into. Here is a link of the most recent meeting between the County and Governor Polis where Polis could not legally stand up to the county and tell them to close. You see, Governor Polis does not have legal standing and he knows this. In the county meeting synopsis, you will see Governor Polis conceded because legally he had to.

The following are my objections for why the tentative language that the Monument Board of Trustees is setting forward is not a viable solution. Passing this resolution would set up a terrible precedent for your town, the people, the businesses you serve and other communities in the state of Colorado to follow in perpetuity. Once you have given legal power and jurisdiction away you can’t take it back easily. That is what the below policy would do.

This is the call to action that we were given last night by Trustee Clark which as written I oppose:
“We want the Monument Board to pass a resolution similar to what Garfield Board of County Commissioners passed – placing indoor sit-down dining, non critical retail, gyms and recreation into the critical businesses category under county health regulations so that all the businesses do not have to shut down under the state’s 5 level program or any other program. We want the Monument Board to bring that resolution to the El Paso County Commissioners to request they do the same resolution from their position of authority as elected officials.

Cons against the current language proposition & taking it to EL Paso County unamended:
It would declare Monument under the purvue of the State Emergency, CDPHE and County Health Departments fully without recourse;
Set a long standing precedent that you cannot reverse for your citizens or businesses;
Creates a governmental business designation which complies with the states ruling of what businesses can and cannot be fully open during a State Of Emergency and goes against the authority vested in you based on the Federal CISA Memorandum recommendations;
Further divides the community by allowing certain businesses to open and others to stay shuttered;
Reinforces the state 5-star program that has made many small businesses shutter their doors permanently due to the cost and regulatory oversight that is not possible to follow. It reinforces 5-start by giving purvue to the County and State Health Departments and takes authority away from localities.
By not only passing this resolution in Monument, passing it in El Paso County would be a death toll to all businesses that are not deemed essential that is part of this list.
All local legislators currently have the authority to open ALL businesses under the CISA Memorandum. We do not need to concede to anyone and destroy our towns.
We must stand by all businesses in our cities and communities. Not just some businesses.

Thank you for listening to my requests and I would appreciate any involvement that you might allow me to participate. I offer pertinent and timely information along with the ability to advise in writing solid policy that can open every business in Monument.

In closing, the CISA Memorandum guidelines are a game changer for you and gives you authority. Take it. This has been hidden from the public and you this entire time. ALL businesses can open fully again and overnight which I would love to see. For years I have enjoyed the businesses and what Monument has to offer me and my family. I would like to give something back in return for all the joy your little community has brought me and my family for years. It would be great to see everyone open again in Monument and El Paso County alike. With this new information, everyone can open across the country. Will you help me realize that dream?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Monday evening meeting, however, I do look forward to the possibility of meeting with you on Wednesday. Please let me know if that fits into any of your schedules.


Kim M. Green,
Private Citizen & Business Owner
719-231-5715 (text is best)

Past Accomplishments with other organizations & great leaders/legislators helping me tremendously:
1999-2013 – killed yearly licensing bills that would make it even more illegal for holistic health practitioners to practice (Not mmj, but legalized health & wellness practitioners)
2000 – helped write and pass Health Freedom Bill in New Mexico (not mmj or vaccines, but legalized health & wellness practitioners)
2013 – helped write and pass Health Freedom Bill in Colorado (health & wellness practitioners)
2008-2010 – co-wrote county resolution to preserve the right to habeas Corpus fighting against Obama and Clinton’s passage of section 1031 & 1032 in the NDAA which repealed American’s citizens rights to habeas Corpus with only two signatures. This resolution preserving your right to habeas Corpus was then passed in 10 states and over 70 counties across the nation. Since then the NDAA has passed clauses to repeal the 1945 propaganda act making it legal to overtake the media and use propaganda against American citizens, clauses to repeal the posse comititis act which does not allow for a free militia and as part of the Obama Health Care plan, strict guidelines on what is and is not mandated through the health care system.
Killed a bill before it was introduced on the Colorado State Floor that would mandate organ donation in Colorado
Helped killl scr001 – mandated 57% majority vote on all ballot initiatives in order for a ballot initiative to pass. Prior to this bill, no ballot initiative had ever passed by more than 53% so it was a rigged game where the citizenry would not be able to take a ballot initiative again and win.
Helped kill bill criminalizing masters degree level psychotherapists. Bill sought to only allow doctoral level psychotherapists to legally practice.
Helped lobby to maintain bail bondsman and not use governmental agencies for bail
Helped lobby on 2A & 1A rights
Upheld law and won against multiple attacks on Health Freedom Laws
Lobbied against FDA to maintain food as a resource instead of making herbal compounded foods prescription drugs
Lobbied against Dept Agriculture to maintain the legality of medicinal and plant seeds against patented crop takeover
Campaigned against Illegal Organ Harvesting and American Organ Black Markets Illegally taken from Chinese Political Prisoners which violates the Geneva Convention
Volunteered by working with sex trafficked victims and foster children as well as helped promote policy which would protect victims
COVA National Speaker and Educator on Chemistry of Stockholme Syndrome In Sex Trafficked Victims and Domestic Violence

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