A Debate WITH Jo Jorgensen – This is the time!

The old party candidates’ debate earlier this month was little more than a 90-minute political food fight. This meaningless and vapid display did nothing to enlighten the American electorate as to their policies, but it spoke volumes about their characters. We Americans deserve far better. Heading into an election as important as this one, the electorate must hear solutions, and it must hear them from all the candidates with a shot at the Oval Office.

The voting public has been denied calm, rational voices from outside the old party cabal — but that is about to change. An op-ed published by Riverside County’s Jeff Hewitt has let us in on an effort to do the job that the Commission on Presidential Debates has proven utterly unable to do. The Committee for American Debate will hold a debate in Chicago at the end of the month, and it is prepared to host all presidential candidates that have earned ballot access in all 50 States. On this stage, Donald Trump and Joe Biden would stand on an equal footing with Dr. Jo Jorgensen before a nationwide television audience.

This is likely to be the only time in 2020 in which all three candidates will address the American people in the same event. It will be one of the last times we will hear from all three candidates before most American voters cast their ballots. And it is absolutely critical that the electorate sees and hears all the choices before it prior to voting in one of America’s most important elections.

Sign the petition and let her speak!

This has been reprinted from a Libertarian National Committee email blast.

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